Wandering Mind

Wandering mind,You leave reality behind.Imagination, take me,Where my heart longs to be,Not knowing what you’ll find,Carried by a wandering mind. Wandering mind,Creativity unbind,Hazy dreams become clear,The voices you fear,Can finally resign,Muted by a wandering mind, Wandering mind,No one will find,What only you know,Safe to grow,Safe to unwind,In my wandering mind.

A friend from the sky (fictional poem in free verse)

A little meteorite fell out of the sky,The clouds watched him go and whistled goodbye,Before he hit the earth, he let out a cry,But landed in a pile of fresh cut rye,He hollered out, “Where on Earth am I?” “In a pile of Rye in the tail end of July,We saw you out of theContinue reading “A friend from the sky (fictional poem in free verse)”