The Man in the Moon

On a late night in June,
The man in the moon,
Alone and so far,
Made a wish upon a star,

Dazzling high in the sky,
Her beauty reflecting in his eye,
He watched her each night,
Dancing in the heavens bright,

But this star was about to fall,
Altough she seemed to have it all,
Her life all glam and glimmer,
But quite lonely and bitter.

He saw her light flicker,
The darkness would soon smother,
And as she began to plunge,
The man in the moon would lunge,

As her heart’s fire made one last call,
The man in the moon broke her fall,
He brought her to his humble moon,
Hoping to make her flame bloom,

He chased away the loneliness,
And filled her days with kindness,
And when he went to set her free,
From his side she would not flee,

For she had begun to swoon,
For the man in the moon,
And danced on every river with glee,
His shining moon beam forever to be.

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