I Remember,
the teacher looked away,
The pink Starbursts,
You’d pass me each day.

I Remember,
when you asked me to dance,
I was so scared to say yes,
To a sock hop romance,

I Remember,
each long sleepy bus ride,
your hand in mine,
I always took the window side.

I Remember,
riding my horse to our spot,
I still don’t know how,
we never got caught.

I Remember,
that last walk with you,
you talked much more,
than you ever used to.

I Remember,
being surprised to feel,
that missing you,
was very much real,

I Remember,
when you couldn’t be found,
that’s when everyone finally noticed,
you weren’t around.

I Remember,
a boy in a baggy green hoodie,
Blue eyes hidden,
Under hair like Bon Jovy.

I remeber,
It destroyed me,
Only seventeen,
But death hath no mercy.

I remember,
what if I’d said no?
to that first dance,
or that kiss in the snow?

If I couldn’t remember,
that last walk with you,
how I held back,
the words my heart knew true.

If I couldn’t remember,
that you’ll always be gone,
That I let others say,
My feelings were wrong.

If I couldn’t remember,
Maybe I’d be in a better place,
If my mind would just let me,
Forget your face.

You influence,
Everything that I do,
And I know I’ll always,
Remember you.

So thank you,
For a lost romance,
I’ll never regret,
Saying yes to the dance.

Recognize the chances you have to tell someone they matter. Someone needs to hear it, and there are sometimes only so many chances to do so. My reflections for the day. Happy Wednesday, everyone. If someone hasn’t told you recently, you are someone’s everything. Sometimes we forget to say it, and sometimes the love we need, doesn’t come in the form we imagine it in.

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