A friend from the sky (fictional poem in free verse)

A little meteorite fell out of the sky,
The clouds watched him go and whistled goodbye,
Before he hit the earth, he let out a cry,
But landed in a pile of fresh cut rye,
He hollered out, “Where on Earth am I?”

“In a pile of Rye in the tail end of July,
We saw you out of the corner of our eye,
And just barely saved you from a buffalo pie!”

“What on Earth is a buffalo pie?”

“It falls from the sky,
but from not quiet so high.”

Suddenly a man with a look of dissatisfy,
Grabbed the meteorite and chucked him awry,
He flew, splashing into a stream whereby,
He almost hit a fish with a glaring third eye,

The angry fish he attempted to pacify,
But he was soon in a tunnel that did not dignify,
He saw some things he’d rather not identify,
But found the fish exit back to the water supply.

The stream was now a river of Lorelei,
Who sang songs of loss with a sad lullaby,
To a little boy she couldn’t save from the Isle of Brye,
The meteorite wept but his tears did not nullify,
As she pushed him beneath a lovely Bonsai,
He grew very lonely as seasons passed by,
Not able to fly off like the butterfly.

A drop of water hit the meteorite and he gave a sigh,
He looked up expecting rain in the sky,
But instead he saw a sad little guy.
He asked the small boy, “why do you have a tear in your eye?”

The boy quickly wiped away evidence of his cry,
But then saw the meteorite as pretty as nigh,
He picked up the meteorite and wiped him dry,
“Maybe you can be my friend, little guy?”

“What is a friend?” The meteorite asked in reply,

“It’s someone who will never tell you goodbye,
because the way you look doesn’t personify,
the way society says you should identify,
or because you’re too small and can’t climb high.

I really hate to say goodbye,
And I definitely can’t climb high,
I have no idea what it is to personify,
Or how someone is supposed to Identify!

You’re perfect, the boy said with a sigh,
“my twin brother I lost, by the Isle of Brye,
He drowned in the river of Lorelei,
I wish I could have shown him my friend from the sky.

After thoughts: Just for fun, please share your feedback. I’ve never been very well behaved with staying within the rules of poetry. I love free verse. My son asked for a story about a rock. This is my creation from that request. If you like (or don’t like) what you see, please feel free to reach out with feedback.

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